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Our Team

Bilal Khaliq,CBB - President

Bilal Khaliq, a visionary entrepreneur and Certified Business Broker (CBB), is at the forefront of revolutionizing the franchise development and business brokerage industry. As the driving force behind the groundbreaking franchise development & business brokerage franchise, Bilal has pioneered a novel approach to expansion within this dynamic sector, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity.


With a keen understanding of market trends and an unparalleled insight into the needs of businesses today, Bilal Khaliq has identified a unique convergence of factors that render this venture not only timely but essential. His astute leadership and strategic foresight have positioned Empire Global Business Brokers as the premier destination for businesses seeking to unlock their full potential and navigate the complexities of modern entrepreneurship.


At Empire Global Business Brokers, Bilal Khaliq leads a team dedicated to empowering small to mid-sized businesses by transforming them into franchised or licensed models. His expertise extends beyond traditional brokerage services, encompassing comprehensive consulting and advisory solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. From facilitating private offerings and placements to mediating business partnerships and aligning projects with the right private equity partners, Bilal Khaliq orchestrates success stories that transcend industry norms.


Under his guidance, Empire Global Business Brokers is forging strategic alliances and assembling a national network of business advisors poised to shape the future of entrepreneurship. By engaging 50 esteemed professionals across various industries, Bilal is spearheading a collective effort to amplify the impact of business advisory services and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.



  •  Developing small to mid-sized businesses into franchised or licensed models

  • Consulting & advising on private offerings and placements

  • Mediating business partnerships

  • Matching projects with the right private equity partners (starting at the $5 million range), and more.


In an ever-evolving business landscape, Bilal Khaliq stands as a beacon of integrity, expertise, and dedication, guiding businesses towards sustainable growth and prosperity. Join him on the journey to unlock limitless potential and redefine the future of entrepreneurship with Empire Global Business Brokers.

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Kristina M. Wynne, MPH - Vice President

Kristina works as the Vice President and lead trainer for Empire Global Business Brokers.


Her devotion to small business started almost 20 years ago when she began working for her family’s company, 200 Pharmacy Inc. at 16 as a pharmacy technician. As an adult, Kristina worked for her family’s business for 8 years. She ultimately thrived in the position of Director of Business Development. In this position, she initialized her experience in the procurement sector. First working to get her family’s business certified with the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council and thereafter attending conferences, matching opportunities and pre-bid meetings to establish the company’s reputability and brand in the government contracting industry, specifically within healthcare systems. Kristina was successful in acquiring several small contracts with hospitals like Rush, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois and health care organizations like Advocate.

In 2017 she transitioned from the family business to take on an opportunity with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program (10KSB), where her true passion was revealed, helping small businesses grow. This is where her foundation in outreach and small business education/training was established. Kristina was brought on as the outreach Director, charged with recruiting more minority and women owned business who qualified for the program. In just one year she was promoted to Outreach and Alumni Director for the program and became responsible for supporting scholars once they graduated with general advising and connections to small business resources.

After working with the Goldman Sachs program for 3 years Kristina made the decision to fully step into entrepreneurship and consulting for public and private organizations that support small businesses by offering coaching support in areas such as: MBE/WBE Certification Technical Assistance, Business Development, and Business Plan and Pitch Deck Creation. In December of 2020, Kristina was brought on as business advisor with the IL Small Business Development Center Network and in September 2021 as a business consultant for the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. In these roles she has created and facilitated small business workshops/trainings, organized small business networking events, and offer one-on- one business advising. 

All of her previous work experience led her to becoming licensed as a business broker in September 2022 and a Empire Global Business Broker franchisee in January 2024.

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