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Empire Global Business Brokers Training Program

Unlock Lucrative Opportunities in Business Brokerage

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Empire Global Business Brokers aims to flood American streets with franchise systems, franchising business models, and raising capital from like-minded individuals.


Our mission is to empower new brands and bolster their relevance in the marketplace. With an estimated 9 million minority businesses in America, Empire Global Business Brokers predicts that more than half of these businesses will face demise, downsizing, or acquisition by other groups within the next five years due to franchising trends.

This highlights the alarming disparity between the number of minority-owned businesses and those with trademark protection compared to mainstream businesses, which have an estimated 1 million franchisors aiming for perpetual existence. These critical issues are at the forefront of discussions in Empire Global Business Brokers' opportunity meetings, where they strive to catalyze change and champion the sustainability and prosperity of minority-owned businesses.

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Unlock Lucrative Opportunities in Business Brokerage


Empire Global Business Brokers (EGBB) presents an exclusive training program designed to propel individuals into the dynamic world of business brokerage. With two distinct tracks catering to varied aspirations and expertise levels, our comprehensive training equips participants with the tools, knowledge, and network needed to thrive in the lucrative realm of mergers and acquisitions.

Track 1: Franchisee Path - $15,000 - 5 Day Training

Embark on your journey to becoming an esteemed franchisee of Empire Global Business Brokers. This intensive 5-day program guides you through every aspect of establishing and operating your own business brokerage franchise. From filing paperwork to mastering deal flow, valuations, and marketing strategies, you'll receive hands-on training from seasoned professionals. Dive deep into the EGBB operating system and emerge ready to seize lucrative opportunities in the thriving business brokerage industry.

Track 2: EGBB Agent - $5,000 - 3 Day Training

For aspiring agents seeking a focused yet comprehensive training experience, our 3-day certification program offers a streamlined path to success. Led by Kristina M. Wynne, an esteemed EGBB franchisee, participants will gain invaluable insights into deal flow, client acquisition, valuation techniques, and essential marketing skills. Immerse yourself in the EGBB operating system and kickstart your career as a certified business brokerage agent.

Why Choose EGBB Training?

Endless Opportunities: Business brokerage is a booming industry with limitless potential for growth and prosperity.

High Earning Potential: Join one of the highest- paid professional services in the United States and unlock lucrative income streams.

Expert Facilitation: Benefit from the expertise of Kristina M. Wynne, an accomplished EGBB franchisee, and gain insights from industry leaders.

Ideal Candidates: Our program welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds including real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, financial planners, CPAs, lawyers, and more.

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